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Data privacy statement
Scope of application

With the present, we wish to inform the user regarding the scope and type of the environment in personal data is gathered and processed by Waste Connect GmbH (GEWERBEPARK N. 4, DE- 83088 KIEFERSFELDEN) through its own website.

Personal data is treated according to the Federal German Law on Personal Data Protection (BDSG) and the Law for Electronic Communication System (TMG).

Log-in data / data logged on server

WASTE CONNECT GMBH gathers data at each log in (through log files). This type of data includes for example the following information: name of loaded page, file, date and time of log in, exchanged data, successful log in registration, type of browser used and relative version, operating system of the user, URL, IP address and ISP.

WASTE CONNECT GMBH uses this information in order to make statistic evaluations for its organisation, to evaluate safety and optimization of website. Our business holds the right to carry out any following checks whenever a legitimate suspect of illicit usage should arise.

Personal data treatment

Personal data is constituted by information, through which the identification of a person is made possible, thus information that allow to localize a certain person. This information includes: name, email address, telephone number, but also for example hobby, memberships, favourite websites, etc. This data can be gathered only prior approbation from the interested user.

Establishing contacts

In case there should be a request of contact to WASTE CONNECT GMBH (for example filling a module of information or email), user data is saved in order to carry out the required service.


Cookies are little text files, which are saved on your hard drive. They are necessary to carry out specific functions of the service. They are useful, on one hand, to enhance the navigability of the website and consequently for the user (for ex: saving login data); on the other hand, they are used to gather data upon the usage of the website, so that the same can be enhanced.

Each user can set the usage of cookies in the settings menu of their browser. This is the reason why most search engines have an option, which allows such setting.

We would like however to inform you that, in the case in which cookies are deactivated, usage of our website could be limitated. Through cookies, anyway, we don’t install any software or other application on your PC.
Our website does not use profilation cookies (which are created in order to track the profile of those who surf the website and are used for contextual advertising), but only technical cookies of the following type:
- Navigation cookies, or session cookies, for the navigation and usage of the website (in ex: access to restricted areas);
- Analytic cookies, (information gathering, in aggregated form, on the number of users which visit the website);
- Functionality cookies, (to establish surfing criteria, in example, language).

Google Analytics

In order to optimally configure our website, we use the Google Analytics tool provided by Google. Googly Analytics analyses cookies, text files which are saved on your PC and allows an analysis regarding the usage of the website. The information which is gathered during your usage of our website, is transferred to a Google server in the United States of America and is there stored. We use the concept of "_anonymizeIp()"-Skript (after the execution of a geolocalization), in order for your IP address to be made anonymous by Google Istantaneusly. Google uses such information to evaluate your usage of our website, in to produce a report of the activities on the page which for which it is designated, for the managers to see and be aware of, and to define other services linked to the usage of the website and of the Internet. Google can also send this information to third parties as long as the information remains within what provided by the law, or in order to re process data on request of Google. Google shall furthermore ensure that your data is not linked to your address. As declared on the previous paragraph, it is possible to impede the installation of cookies, through an application of your web browser; once again we are though obliged to advise you that in such way you shall not be able to fully use some functionalities of our website. Google makes available for some browser a tool of deactivation, through which it is possible to prevent the registration and analysis of your behaviour as a web user. Further information and software can be found here:

Usage of Facebook plug-in

This website uses a plug-in (the F on white background) of the Facebook social network, managed by Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland. This plug-in is recognizable as the Facebook logo.

Whenever a user recalls our page and clicks on the plug-In, the browser establishes a direct link with the Facebook server. The content of the plug-in is communicated directly to your browser and linked to our web page. WASTE CONNECT GMBH has no influence on the consistency of the data that Facebook detects with such plug-in, and desires thus to inform the user on the following:

“Through integration of its plug-in, Facebook receives the information that the user has entered on the Waste Connect page. In the case in which the user is logged on Facebook, the access to its account can be linked. When the user interacts with the plug-in, for ex., pressing the Like button or posting a comment, the information is immediately communicated to Facebook through the browser, and so stored. If the user is not a member of Facebook, there is still the possibility that Facebook detects its IP address and stores it. As per what declared by Facebook, in Germany, the sole IP address of the user is saved. Scope and extension of the gathering of data can be read further here:”

Google + Button

Our website uses the “+1” button of the Google Plus social network, which is managed by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States (“Google”). The button is recognizable by the “+1” symbol.

When a user of a website that contains such button accesses the page, a direct link with the Google server is established. The content of the +1 button is communicated by Google to the browser, and from the latter the user is linked to the web page. WASTE CONNECT GMBH has no influence on the data that is detected with the button. As per what declared by Google, no personal data is collected.

Such data is detected and registered only for the members of the social network. Scope and extension of such gathering can be read here: or call up the FAQs:


Our web page uses a Twitter button. Such button is provided by Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. The plug-in is recognizable through a blue bird. Through this button it is possible to post or share a page on the Twitter website, or to follow Waste Connect on Twitter.

When a user of our platform views the page which contains the button, the browser establishes immediately a direct link through the Twitter server. The content of the Twitter button is directly communicated to the Browser of the user. WASTE CONNECT GMBH has so no influence on the extension of data that is gathered through this plug-in and informs its user only as to the data of which they are in the knowledge of. On the basis of what communicated by Twitter, only IP address of the user, the URL of the web page that contain the button are registered, for no other purpose that that expressed by the functionality of the button. Further information on safety of data can be found here:

Recall, amendment, edit and update

The user has a right to require for free information on his personal data which has bee saved. The user has furthermore a right to required amendment of incorrect information, to block and required deletion of its personal data unless any opposition by the law should be found.

In case of doubts on the “safety of data”, or to claim any of your right, kindly write at this address:

Variations on this policy

In case of variation of law or of our service, it can be required an update of such policy on the safety of data. The actual version of this declaration can always be viewed in the Imprint.


Waste Connect is always looking for smart and innovative solutions and thanks to our international network, we help you step by step transforming your plant in a more performant and eco-friendly one, following you also during construction and final acceptance.



Whatever your environmental needs are, we wish to define together with you the proper technology or the most suitable certification for your plant, in order to realize your scope.


Waste Connect was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in the environmental field, who would like to give their contribution to enhance the collective welfare, choosing innovative technologies and smart process operations.




Waste Connect offers innovative technologies to enhance environmentally polluted areas, such as old disposal sites, removing contaminated material and healing the soil until it becomes usable again. Today is tomorrow!




Waste Connect assists you during the notification process, offering you a vast network of up-to-date plants, innovative technologies, tailor-made services and a proper treatment of your waste following the principles of circular economy. Our scope is getting satisfied customers reaching collective welfare.



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